[Samba] flaky authentication

Daniel Pasono danielp at nmmcc.com
Thu May 2 15:31:02 GMT 2002

Hello all.

We are running Samba 2.0.7 on Solaris 8 with a Windows 2000 PDC in
mixed-mode with a couple of NT BDCs.
We are getting random authentication failures from Samba that are
stopping people from accessing their home
directories and such. I have two questions:
1) Are there any known issues with 2.0.7 interacting with 2000? (I
couldn't find any)
2) In the Samba configuration we have all 3 (PDC, 2 BDCs) specified in
the password server field. Do I need to
seperate the names with commas (as in the example) or just spaces (as in
most other fields)?


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