[Samba] unix/nt-pdc group mapping

Georg Lutz glist at gmx.net
Thu May 2 05:12:08 GMT 2002


I have problems with a Samba-PDC (2.2.3a) and nt/w2k-clients.

To adjust local nt/w2k security i have to join some unix-pdc-groups to
the local groups.

But under nt/w2k and with rpcclient -c "enumdomgroups" server i see only
"Domain Admins" and "Domain Users" and I am even not able to join these groups.

Instead I see names like PDC\unix_group.2147483248, which seems to be
the 32bit underflow of (201-1000)/2.

What unix-groups (i.e. the gid) I have to create to have the equivalent
"well known" NT-PDC-Groups/RID's(Domain Admins=200, Domain User=201,
Domain Guests=202, Administrators=220 etc.) ?

Just choosing the 32bit underflow as unix-gid sounds not very reasonable.

Is it then possible to see all unix-groups, not only the NT-PDC-Groups?


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