[Samba] Still need help linking samba on Redhat 7.2 -- ANYONE?

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Wed May 1 12:27:02 GMT 2002


I am trying to compile sambe with SSL on my RedHat 7.2 machine.
The Redhat installation is a fresh install.

Here is what I did:
Made sure that samba was not previously installed by typing
rpm -q samba

cd /usr/local
tar zxf SSLeay-0.9.0b.tar.gz
cd SSLeay-0.9.0b

vi Configure
Made the first line look like this:

./Configure linux-elf
make install

cat >/tmp/private.txt

Now, I typed a bunch of random characters and hit Ctrl-D.

/usr/local/ssl/bin/ssleay genrsa -rand /tmp/private.txt >/dev/null
rm -f /tmp/private.txt

cd /usr/local
lynx ftp://us1.samba.org/pub/samba/samba-latest.tar.gz
tar zxf samba-latest.tar.gz
cd samba-2.2.3a/source

./configure --with-ssl

When it is trying to link, I get these errors:

Linking bin/smbd
smbd/ssl.o: In function `sslutil_init':
smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x23f): undefined reference to `SSL_library_init'
smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x256): undefined reference to `RAND_egd'
smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x3ce): undefined reference to
smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x577): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1

Any ideas?


Neil Aggarwal
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