[Samba] Advice on Secure Samba usage

Jason Stewart jstewart at rtl.org
Wed May 1 09:25:16 GMT 2002

Hi Anthony,

Read the smb.conf man page and look at the encrypt passwords = yes option. 
Also, you can compile SSL-enabled Samba with the --with-ssl option at 
./configure time. There is more info about this in the smb.conf man page and 
the Docs that come with the Samba source distribution. I have not actually 
tried SSL-enabled Samba, but I do send encrypted passwords across the wire.


On Wednesday 01 May 2002 10:18 am, Clark, Anthony wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been given the task of making class accounts from solaris and linux
> servers available to windows workstations via mapped network drives. 
> Sounds just like the job for samba, I know.  However, I'm very, *very*
> anxious about security;  I need to ensure that both passwords and the data
> transferred between server and client are secure (i.e. not plaintext, but
> then again not military strength encryption)
> What is the 'best' way to securely map network drives from windows to unix?
>  Is the standard samba data transfer mechanism secure?  I need to reduce
> the burden on the workstation setup as much as possible - things need to be
> as easy as possible for the students, poor things ;-)
> Thanks!
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