[Samba] Advice on Secure Samba usage

Clark, Anthony aclrk at umich.edu
Wed May 1 07:21:02 GMT 2002


I've been given the task of making class accounts from solaris and linux servers available to windows workstations via mapped network drives.  Sounds just like the job for samba, I know.  However, I'm very, *very* anxious about security;  I need to ensure that both passwords and the data transferred between server and client are secure (i.e. not plaintext, but then again not military strength encryption)

What is the 'best' way to securely map network drives from windows to unix?  Is the standard samba data transfer mechanism secure?  I need to reduce the burden on the workstation setup as much as possible - things need to be as easy as possible for the students, poor things ;-)


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