[Samba] smbclient & printing on win2k box with HP Deskjet 560C (Drivers?) SMB 2.2.3a - Kernel 2.4.7, red hat 7.2

Diembo Linux at deschuen.de
Wed May 1 01:21:02 GMT 2002

Hi LUs,

I dont have much time at the moment to read tons of documentation. So, I 
would like to ask a hopefully easy to answer question.

Samba is running alright with me, smbclient works fine, but I would like to 
print from my Linux box over LAN to a printer (HP 560C) connected to a win2k 
box. Because I can't afford a better or second printer & I also havent got 
enough room for it really I would like to print my Linux-stuff over LAN.

Anyway, how do I do that? I read a bit about smbclient and a printer script 
and that you need special drivers but I couldn't work it out so far. If 
anyone could give me an efficient solution for this I would be very greatful, 
because I am sick of booting windows every time I want to do an assignment 
and need to use a word processor. I would also like to use one of the 
KDE-word processors because the amount of choice is so much bigger.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Is there anybody in this mailing list, by accident situated in Palmerston 
North (New Zealand) and knows about a local LUG?

Diembo working @ Linux :-P

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