[Samba] Frozen applications on Citrix

thomas_tiedtke at de.schindler.com thomas_tiedtke at de.schindler.com
Wed Mar 6 09:24:02 GMT 2002

Hi Jan,

 freeze for  20-30 seconds ... this maybe oplocks - this is the blocking 
time for "no response from client" for a oplock break, if i remember 

Please try : oplock break wait time = 10 (or more). Also, if no concurent 
access  - disable all oplock (oplocks and level 2 oplocks) settings and 
set fake oplocks to yes. For us, this was the hit!

Printers: you are using SPOOLSS? Dont do this ... use LANMAN printing! We 
have disable all spoolss printing and using only lanman for all client 
typs! Spoolss is very bugy ...

Regards, Thomas

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Although this may not be the correct list for our  problem, I hope someone 
can point me into the right direction.
We have 6 Citrix Metaframe 1.8 servers, running on  Windows 2000 TS SP2. 
All users (approx. 150) can start a desktop on one of the  servers and run 
the Office suite and other applications. When the number of  users 
increases, the performance goes down. Applications seem to freeze for 
20-30 seconds and then continue to run.
We have made some changes in the registry for  Maxthreds for the 
Lanmanager Workstation and server, Maxcommands,  Maxconnections, etc., but 
to no avail. Also, when trying to select a network  printer that is shared 
by a Samba server, it takes minutes to be able to select  the printer.
Has anyone heard of thiese problems or know a  solution. Our users are 
getting more an more frustrated by this behavior and we  cannot seem to 
find the cause. Perhaps something to do with  oplocks?
Kind regards,
Jan Mostert

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