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Without going into what volumes of texts have covered... You won't have
a problem. Basically, it depends on the subnet mask you are using. Worst
case, if you are using a you can only have 254
hosts/computers. I'm sure this will be enough but if you use a mask of well then you can have over 16 million addresses. 192.168.X.X
is "preferred" because if you do decide to connect to the net some day,
you don't have to re-number your network to say the least as well as (ands the other private networks), are not forwarded through
any "public" routers etc.

Anyway, lots more can be said but if you must use a weird numbering
scheme such as you have selected, Samba will not have a problem.

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Hello all,
Quick question.
Our network has NO connection to the internet (the way we want it) but
we are using 66.2.x.x as our IP addresses.  However, I am now reading
that 192.168.x.x is the preferred naming convention. If I leave as
66.2.x.x will I have problems with Samba? Because I dont connect to the
Internet do I need to change? Thanks in advance and hope

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