FW: [Samba] Accessing Samba share with Win2k

Janyce Wynter janycewynter at cnwl.igs.net
Sun Jun 30 17:18:05 GMT 2002

I'll keep that under consideration (I'm a bit rusty at rpm's). But given the 
way the file ownership seems to be working, I think it's more of a Win2k 
configuration issue. I think I need to tell my Win2K machine (blackhawk) that 
Janyce is a member of the smb group on the samba server baldeagle. (And I don't 
know how to do that.)

On June 30, 2002 6:46 PM, Neil Muller [SMTP:neil at neologix.net] wrote:
> Hi Janyce,
> What about upgrading your samba to one of the 2.2.x series? If you're using
> RedHat you can get rpms for 2.2.3a; the latest samba release is 2.2.5.
> Neil

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