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James Foster res0d694 at verizon.net
Sun Jun 30 15:57:02 GMT 2002

Got a very weird Problem.

I have two servers at my church one, is the primary server and two is the back up server.

First off both one and two are the same o/s Mandrake 8.2 and samba is set up the same way.  Matter of fact the smb.conf is a direct copy.

I am keeping two seperate user/password files.

On the backup server (two) I can log on any user from win95,98 2000 NO problem.

On the Primary server (one) I can log anyone on from win2000.   I can also log any id that was created shortly after the install from a win95/98 machine.  Any new Id's I create will only work from the win2000 machines.  If I attempted to log them on from a win9x machine I get password incorrect.

For a log time I thought I was having password problems, I started attempted to log that same user on from a linux box, just using smbclient -- no problem

As I said Windows 2000 -- No problem.

I have deleted the smbpasswd file / all id's and started over -- no luck same problem.

I know it is not the windows 9x machines because my id works and all id's work if connecting to the backup server.

Now before I had to reinstall the servers I have redhat 7.0 and this all worked just fine.  I want to stay with mandrake 8.2 because of some improvments.  I must have this problem fix....thought about just reinstalling but wanted try here first.

Thanks for any help.

ford.mustng at verizon.net

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