[Samba] Help with Windows XP, linux and multi-subnetting

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Jun 30 08:37:01 GMT 2002

First, are you sure you want to make your XP workstation the print server?
Why not hang the printer off computer a  or c ? It is usually much simpler
to have linux act as the server.

What kind of printer is it? 

I doubt that XP pro will filter your print jobs for you, so if you are
having driver problems with your linux printers, I doubt XP will solve
them for you. (Could be wrong on this, but this is windows!)

For printing, I doubt you would need a wins server, but, that never hurts
and it is easy to set up. Just put in the appropriate global parameters in
the smb.conf of computer a. And, you have to point your clients to the wins
server, too.

To print from linux to your xp server, the command is something like:

cat file (already formated) | smbclient //server/share -c "print -"

Now, for server, smbclient will try lmhost, dns, broadcast and wins server

If these all fail then printing won't happen. But, this works on my system:

cat Multiple.txt |  smbclient  // -c "print -" 

So, if you can ping to the XP server, the above command might do it for you.
Of course, you will have to fool with password issues for this to be
automatic. And, you will have to filter the job on your client.

BTW, if you want to get a feel for how things are being found on your system
with smbclient, read about the -R option with smbclient.


On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 04:34:14PM +0200, Mark van Dijk wrote:
> Hey hey,
> This is my situation:
> [a] --- [b]
>     \ --- [c]
> Computer [a] is my router / server, running SuSE and samba. It has ip 
> address for computer b, for computer c and 
> also (my ISP IP) and for my 
> to work.
> Computer [b] is a windows XP professional workstation using ip 
>, connected with the internet through SNAT and sharing a 
> printer and a folder.
> Computer [c] is a linux slackware 8.1 workstation using ip
> How can I make computers [a] and [c] print using computer [b]? Do I need 
> a Wins-server?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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