[Samba] Help with Windows XP, linux and multi-subnetting

Mark van Dijk vocis at dvxs.net
Sun Jun 30 07:35:03 GMT 2002

Hey hey,

This is my situation:

[a] --- [b]
    \ --- [c]

Computer [a] is my router / server, running SuSE and samba. It has ip 
address for computer b, for computer c and 
also (my ISP IP) and for my 
to work.
Computer [b] is a windows XP professional workstation using ip, connected with the internet through SNAT and sharing a 
printer and a folder.
Computer [c] is a linux slackware 8.1 workstation using ip

How can I make computers [a] and [c] print using computer [b]? Do I need 
a Wins-server?


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