[Samba] Adding Users to a Share/File

Joe Giles jgiles at joeman1.com
Sat Jun 29 20:55:03 GMT 2002


Not sure if this is possible, but can owners of a file or directory that exists on a Linux server and shared using SAMBA add users to the "User List" of the share. The Clients would be Windows 2K and XP...


I have created a share on the SAMBA server that allows FULL CONTROL for everyone on the root of the share, allowing users to create their own folders/files. I want to allow the owners to be able to add other users to access their files/folders and set custom permissions on the shares and files... I am using SAMBA version 2.2.5-4 and have installed the ACL shared RPM that was required. Maybe I have to enable this feature?

When I try it, it says access denied, even though I have full control of the share. I also did a chmod 647 on the smb.conf file to allow everyone to write to it to maintain the shares. This was just a test, however, and didnt work.


Joe Giles
jgiles at joeman1.com
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