[Samba] wrepld crashing with multiple interfaces

J.W. Hoogervorst jeroen at hoogervorst.net
Sat Jun 29 11:41:04 GMT 2002

Hello, all!

I am seeing consistent wrepld crashes on one of my machines here.
This machine happens to be my router as well, and so it has quite a
lot of interfaces.

The crashes seem to occour on line 436 in wrepld/server.c (cvs of Jun 29
	if(FD_ISSET(sock_array[i], &fds)) {

When I change the parameter "interfaces" in smb.conf to only contain 1
interface, all is well. Change that to 2 interfaces, and it goes into a
tight loop. Any more interfaces and it SIGSEGV's.

This stays the same when I choose other interfaces, so it really is the
number of interfaces and not the type.

All of this on Mandrake 8.0, kernel 2.4.19-pre9-ac3, with usagi cvs
patch from june 2nd or 3rd. Can anyone shed some light over this?


P.S. I am not on the list, so please CC me.

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