[Samba] peachtree issue

Trey Nolen tnolen at internetpro.net
Fri Jun 28 16:07:01 GMT 2002

We've been running 2.2.3 because 2.2.4 was hosed. I was waiting for 2.2.5 to
be out a little while before switching since 2.2.4 was so buggy. What bugs
were addressed that would affect this issue? We are running the 2.4.18

Trey Nolen

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 05:44:15PM -0500, Trey Nolen wrote:
> I have a Debian server running samba 2.2.3.  We are running Peachtree 2002
(version 9) and we have issues with the data being on the server.  First,
during the install, Peachtree says that our server doesn't handle long file
names. Obviously it does, but we have to install it by acting like the data
is on the local machine and then changing the .ini file to point the data
directory to the server. I have had to do this on Novell servers too (only
with Microsoft's Netware client -- Novell Client 32 works correctly).  Next,
we have had several file errors that cause us to have to restore data.  When
we do a Peachtree restore (from the restore utility built into the program),
it will get an I/O error. We have to move the data to the local drive, do
the restore, and then move the data back to the server to make it work.
This is reproduceable on multiple Samba servers. We have tried turning
oplocks off.  This is on a 100 M/bit network with a switch.  All other
programs work fine and the system is very fast. We get nothing in the logs.
Does anyone have any ideas on things we can try to make this work better?

Firstly, try upgrading to Samba 2.2.5, there are various
fixes that may have an effect.

Secondly, what Linux kernel are you running ?


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