[Samba] causing LMB elections

Inaki Sanchez isanchez at unav.es
Fri Jun 28 09:34:02 GMT 2002

Hi Charles,

I had the same problem for some time, a WinXP announcing itself as the
local master browser. The problem was caused by the XP firewalling
software, that was filtering incoming datagrams to UDP port 138 and
rejecting the datagrams from our samba local master browser. Check if it
can be your case.



"C. C. Windsor" wrote:
> I've been running samba servers with 200+ W98 machines for
> some time.  I'm changing to W2k and everything was going fine.
> I've upgraded 40 boxes.  One W2k box has started announcing itself
> as a local master browser for one of the workgroups.  A samba
> server thinks it is master, forcing election.  Samba will stop
> being the LMB for about 3 minutes and then will re-establish
> itself as LMB.  In a couple of minutes the same W2k box will
> force another election.  This is occuring every 4 to 5 minutes,
> none stop.  In the smb.conf file, os level = 64.  I have
> tried higher levels.  Changing this parameter doesn't seem to
> have an effect.  Any suggestions for a cure?  What may have
> caused this W2k machine to decide it is the LMB?
> thanks,
> Duke
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