[Samba] Slow File transfer between Samba and Win2k

Elijah Savage III esavage at digitalrage.org
Fri Jun 28 09:07:03 GMT 2002

If you guys posted you smb.conf files we might be able to help without
you really can't even make an educated guess.

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I just tried a similar test on a NT4, W2K dual boot machine.

W2K 700k/sec both directions
NT4 600k/sec NT4->Samba
NT4 60k/sec Samba-> NT4 (gaps of several seconds between network

Currently I get poor performance when accessing an Access database from
but it's fine when booted into NT4! Both work fine talking to an NT4
So there's something strange going on.

Tim Allen

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Subject: [Samba] Slow File transfer between Samba and Win2k

I have a Samba file server and a dual boot Win98/Win2k client. Copying
from the Client in Win98 to the Samba server gives no problems:

(I copied one 6 mb file)

Samba server -> Win98 Client    550 kb/s
Samba server <- Win98 Client    500 kb/s

But then from Samba server to Win2k Client:

Samba server -> Win2k Client    190 kb/s
Samba server <- Win2k Client    18 kb/s

Because of the fact that I use a dual boot, I can narrow the problem to
Windows 2000, instead of Samba or even my network properties. I must
that I am new to this newsgroup, so I do not know how many further info
should give. I also could not find anything about this problem on the

Any help would be appreciated!


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