[Samba] Slow transfer between Win2k and Samba

Elijah Savage III esavage at digitalrage.org
Fri Jun 28 08:36:02 GMT 2002

How about posting your config file. I have win2k clients and Winxp
clients and have not experienced this.


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Well as placed before, I have a problem with Win2k and Samba.
Transferring files under Win2k on the client to the Samba Server is
extremely slow. I have about  kb/s upload....

After searching at the web, nothing could help me, so I tried this
mailing list. Of course where would be the guys that know a lot of Samba


Secondly I thought maybe NTFS and Samba cannot communicate with each
other. Because I have a Win98/win2k dual boot system, I tried the same
under Win98. But (un)fortunately the results were good (500 kb/s). So it
still could be a FAT/NTFS problem....

I installed Win2k with a FAT32 filesystem... but that does not solve the
problem either :-(


So, finally I have this problem: transferring files under a Win2k client
from/to a Samba server runs _very_ slow (18 kb/s). What could be the
problem? Or better what could be a solution?


thnx for any help.



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