[Samba] Urgent XP/Samba Problem.

Richard Horton richard.horton at kecrypt.com
Fri Jun 28 05:56:08 GMT 2002

Hi all,

Until last night my XP Pro clients and my Samba PDC (2.2.3a) on RH7.3
existed quiet happily together once I'd changed the requiresignandseal
to off and made the other changes.

Last night I made a change to the config which failed so I rolled back
to my previous working config file. Now my XP laptops can not connect to
the domain - they report can not find domain controller or can not
locate the computer account in the domain.

I've checked samba and it appears to be fine - using smbclient from
another Linux box on the same network as the XP laptops gives me the
correct shares when I supply correct credientials and tells me to sod
off if I don't... even with debug set to 5 I can't see anything obvious
in the log.smbd file. nmbd is working as well as both lookups from XP
using nbtstat and nmblookup on the linux box work as expected.

Looking via ethereal I can see the login's going to the PDC and the
replies being returned together with the session negotiation - these
both appear fine.

Anyone got any more ideas... (If needed I can post my smb.conf and other



(Oh, if you reply can you also reply direct to me as my samba list stuff
occasionally goes missing between my pop server and me)

Richard Horton
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