[Samba] - rid is the problem - After update to 2.2.5 'join to domain' doesn't work

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Fri Jun 28 03:42:02 GMT 2002

i checked the logfile more carefully and realized, that the ldap-tree was
searched for the uid of the client and also found. next step the tree was
searched for a rid, but not the rid i gave the client! it was searched for
the rid=61002. then i changed the clients rid to 61002 and everything
after this, i tried a new ws to join to the domain and exactly the same
scenario occurred. sorry, not exactly - the forced rid was now 61004!!(???)
with the next ws the forced rid was 61006!

please, could anyone tell me where these rid's come from???

thanks in advance

> Why did you need to add an account for root? Aren't you using the
> smbpasswd file from 224?
> Dmitry
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> hi list!
> i installed samba 2.2.5 and used the smb.conf that worked with 2.2.4.
> and the ldap-background wasn't modified. last but not least i made with
> smbpasswd the password entries for root and the workstation. when i try
> to join the ws to the domain w2k tells that the account is not
> available, but it means the ws-account, because with the root account i
> can map shares. the logfiles don't tell me that something is going
> heavy wrong.
> i have no more ideas for troubleshooting, therefore please heeeellllpp!
> thanks in advance
> lg
> thomas reisenbichler
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