[Samba] causing LMB elections

Daniel Fenwick dfenwick at unr.edu
Thu Jun 27 11:35:02 GMT 2002

The solution I found for this problem is to go into Services on the 2k
machine and turn off and disable the browsing service.


> I've been running samba servers with 200+ W98 machines for
> some time.  I'm changing to W2k and everything was going fine.
> I've upgraded 40 boxes.  One W2k box has started announcing itself
> as a local master browser for one of the workgroups.  A samba
> server thinks it is master, forcing election.  Samba will stop
> being the LMB for about 3 minutes and then will re-establish
> itself as LMB.  In a couple of minutes the same W2k box will
> force another election.  This is occuring every 4 to 5 minutes,
> none stop.  In the smb.conf file, os level = 64.  I have
> tried higher levels.  Changing this parameter doesn't seem to
> have an effect.  Any suggestions for a cure?  What may have
> caused this W2k machine to decide it is the LMB?
> thanks,
> Duke

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