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bshan at tsinghua.edu bshan at tsinghua.edu
Thu Jun 27 10:10:31 GMT 2002

Hi,I am a new comer to the samba community.I hope someone can help me with 
the following rather basic issue.

Our group runs the windows machines(NT 4.0) with a single samba server,with
samba 2.2
I recently brought my own PC to our group,which is running windows2000.I 
hope to
add this machine to the same domain as other machines so that I can
directly see other machines and the disk share in network 
neighborhood.What I should do?Can
anyone give an outline of the procedures of adding a new machine to a
workgroup?(I have the administrative preveledge on both windows machine and
the server running samba)
I have read the Chapter 9. How to Configure Samba 2.2 as a Primary Domain 
Controller,but still get confused.And I want to make sure that my 
modification of files like smb.conf does not bring our network to a crash.
Any suggestion and help is welcome.

Many thanks.

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