[Samba] Cant get getent to work with Winbind

Joe Giles jgiles at joeman1.com
Thu Jun 27 08:26:03 GMT 2002


I am having trouble with the getent passwd and getent group command. I am using 2.2.4-4 version of Samba on a redhat system with 2.4.18-SMP kernel. This issue seems to be intermittent. Sometimes is works and others it doesnt. More often than  not, it failes. 

I can do a wbinfo -g and -u and get the info so I am connected to the doamin, but not getent. This will affect my users from loging on I think. Any thoughs as to how to fix this...


Joe Giles
jgiles at joeman1.com
AOL ID: mcigiles

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