[Samba] Browsing and Mapped Drives over a VPN

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at gesinc.com
Thu Jun 27 08:18:02 GMT 2002

Hello All:
I have a situation where I have a Samba box (RH 7.3 w/samba 2.2.4) that I
set up for a client.  Another consultant came along and installed a VPN
using SonicWalls between the main site and a remote site.  So now they want
the remote users to save files on my Samba box.  No problem except that the
remote users can't see my local workgroup or any of the local machines.
Here's what's wierd (or where my knowledge breaks down :) )Their machine
names and workgroup name is registered in samba's wins database.  I am the
only wins server on both subnets (10.0.1.x local and 10.0.2.x remote).  The
remote lan group is peer-to-peer setup with each client pointing at my Samba
box (who is at  So my question is as follows - how did their
machine names get registered if netbios traffic is not passing the Sonicwall
vpn?  or does that use TCP/IP instead?  I'm in need of a little netbios
education here I think in order to tell the other consultant what to open up
on the VPN boxes.  Are they blocking ports 137 and 139 or is it something

Thanks in Advance


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