[Samba] Samba as a PDC -- HELP NEEDED

Ato Yawson atto at i386.net
Thu Jun 27 06:16:01 GMT 2002

Hi Samba Support,

I'm in an all Windows environment with about 60 Win XP workstations and 10 Win 2K Pros, served by a Win 2K Server and have mails on Exchange 2000. But Mine!! and I mean Mine! stability is a problem!

I read about the ability of Samba as a PDC. Please I need to implement this technology quickly to the situation and buttress my initial arguement that the right choice was an X environment. I've tried working on the smb.conf to get things straightened aout but am at ground zero here I can get the XP wks to logon naturally from scratch as they will do in a native environment.

i use linux 7.2 and have placed an order for the 7.3Pro and The Adv. svr 2.1  all in an attemt to get the problem solved. Can You tell me what I'm doing wrong and also  would be very grateful if I could get a Step by SStep instruction on how to implement this and also have a mail system to move with it. We are actually looking at replacing The Win 2k Server and Exchange.


Ato Yawson

NET Admin
#28 Ind. Lane
TF 188
Tradefair, GA

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