[Samba] login Problem

Neil Muller neil at neologix.net
Thu Jun 27 06:12:03 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 03:21, Shay Fichman wrote:
> Hi,
> I try from w2k machine to reach samba server 2.23 at Tru64 v5.1:
>   c:\  net use p:  \\sar1\tmp
> and I'm getting the following message:
> " The account is not authorized to log in from this station. "
It sounds like you're trying to use samba as a pdc for your w2k machine,
is this right? If so have you created the machine account on Tru64 for
your w2k machine (see samba pdc howto docs, ref below) using:

root# /usr/bin/useradd -g 100 -d /dev/null -c "w2k machine comment" -s
/bin/false w2k_machine_name$
root# passwd -l w2k_machine_name$
root# smbpasswd -a -m w2k_machine_name

note the $ sign after w2k_machine_name above but not with smbpasswd; and
have you made root a samba user using:

root# smbpasswd -a root  

and then respond to the chat to enter a password but I don't think you
have to use root's Tru64 password.

The only user who can add a machine to a domain is root. The message you
are getting is the same as I got before I realised I hadn't made root a
samba user. 

There is a samba complete howto collection including a sample smb.conf
at http://samba.mirror.aarnet.edu.au/samba/docs/

Hope this helps.


> In the smb.conf there is no limit about allow host. 
> The lmhosts file in the PC looks like:  ip address dns name.
> The IP address of the pc is:
> The IP address of the server is
> What is the problem ?
> Shay  Fichman
> Weizmann Institute of Science
> Biological Computing
> Tel:  +972-8-9343934
> shay.fichman at weizmann.ac.il
Neil Muller
email: neil at neologix.net

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