[Samba] login Problem

Shay Fichman shay.fichman at weizmann.ac.il
Thu Jun 27 05:22:03 GMT 2002

I try from w2k machine to reach samba server 2.23 at Tru64 v5.1:
  c:\  net use p:  \\sar1\tmp
and I'm getting the following message:
" The account is not authorized to log in from this station. "

In the smb.conf there is no limit about allow host. 
The lmhosts file in the PC looks like:  ip address dns name.
The IP address of the pc is:
The IP address of the server is
What is the problem ?

Shay  Fichman
Weizmann Institute of Science
Biological Computing
Tel:  +972-8-9343934
shay.fichman at weizmann.ac.il

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