[Samba] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH ==> winbind and pam, work please !!

Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) Philippe.Dhont at searo.be
Thu Jun 27 05:00:06 GMT 2002

I have a big problem and i'm getting crazy time by time !!
This is the situation:

I have Mandrake 8.2 installed, i downloaded samba2.5 installed it with
winbind etc...
It is working fine, winbind also, when i do wbinfo -u then i get all the
names from my nt domain also
Wbinfo -g, getent passwd are working fine too.
I took my login (from /etc/pam.d/) from another linux i have here which
works perfect with logins and winbind etc. (it's a login i created to work
with nt also)
I also had to copy my pam_winbind.so from another linux because i get
problems when i want to compile it (i always had when i wanted to do that on
all my systems before).
I get this:
In /source ==> make nsswitch/pam_winbind.so
Make: *** [nsswitch/pam.winbind.po] error 1
(no info in messages)
But no problem, i just copy the damn file from another machine, that worked
before, but if someone knows how to solve this, plz be my guest.

But when i want to login with an nt user like:
Password: test
==> Login incorrect

In var/log/messages, i have:
PAM_pwdb: check pass; user unknown
FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM (null) FOR TEST/Administrator, user nog known to the
underlying authentication module

I don't know what to check further, i did this kind of installation twice
before successfull but i'm out of inspiration now.
My smb.conf file is [off course] changed to work successfull with winbind
(how could i else see the wbinfo -u info)

Help plz!

Philippe Dhont 

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