[Samba] ntconfig.pol (was w2k sp2 + ntconfig.pol)

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at dff.st
Thu Jun 27 04:12:03 GMT 2002

On Thursday 27 June 2002 13:01, Con Harte wrote:
> Torsten,
> If the option is greyed out in Poledit it means that the modification
> will not take place.  You need to ensure that it is checked so that each
> machine sets itself to pick up the new policy.

I found the key and created a .reg file, put it onto a share and executed it 
for each machine. Now since we fixed the policy file everything seems to work 
as exspected.

> That being said, now these machines will not even check for the existence
> of it.  To force them to do so you have to either
>    a) manually modify every machine's registry preferably using poledit
>       and connect to Registry on Remote computer (may be worded
> differently) or
>    b) create a .REG file with the key to be modified (obtain this info
>       from the .INF file that poledit uses) and then run regedit with this
>       file, possibly from a logon script containing "regedit getpol.reg",
> as this will save a lot of time if you have many machines to update.

that's what we did...

> Once all machines are successfully picking up the new policy with the
> Automatic Update option configured then you can grey it out in the policy,
> but honestly it's not worth it.

not worth what? greying it out or using policies at all?

> Hope that fixes your difficulty.

definitly thanks a lot for your help!

> Roland,
> The "ntconfig.pol" is the standard name for the policy enforcement
> on Windows NT.  Windows 2000 is Windows NT at it's heart, and so
> uses this file.  The Policy Editor options that get put into this
> file are slightly different between NT4 and W2K, but many options
> are common.
> By the way, what does GPO stand for?

Group Policies - they are used as soon as you have AD controlled domain but 
samba 2.2 used to be a NT domain... (AFAIK)  so we have the ntconfig.pol


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