[Samba] ntconfig.pol (was w2k sp2 + ntconfig.pol)

Roland Schmid linux at net-service-24.de
Thu Jun 27 02:39:02 GMT 2002


I did not follow your thread but I'm a bit wondering why you try to
apply the ntconfig.pol on W2K.
This GPO only works on the old NT 4.0 machines and clients.

Best regards,
linux at net-service-24.de

> I cannot believe it! You are right! 8-))

> I've chosen a new machine to join the domain and the policy got applied!

> ...once! Exactly a single time!

> Although we now have greyed out the setting the policy does not get applied 
> again... do know how we can force that?

> Thanks so much for this "stupid question" ;-))
> --
> Torsten

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