[Samba] Configurations for Samba/LDAP/Linux password sync

Diego Rivera lrivera at racsa.co.cr
Wed Jun 26 17:24:02 GMT 2002


Enclosed is a small file which contains the configurations in my system
(slightly edited, of course) which allow me to do transparent password
synchronization between a Samba PDC (and hence, Windows), LDAP and

My setup is as follows:

- Samba 2.2.5 as a PDC with LDAP and PAM support
- OpenLDAP 2.0.25 with SSL support
- pam_ldap 1.48 (from padl.com)
- nss_ldap 1.94 (from padl.com)

You may try this configuration with minimal modifications, and follow
the instructions on the README file.  If this does NOT work, please let
me know so I can revise and see what I ommitted.

This setup allows me to:

1) Synch LDAP passwords when a PDC password change is requested from a
windows client (hence, done through Samba)
2) Synch PDC passwords when an LDAP password change is requested from
Linux (using the passwd command, through PAM).
3) Centralized network user authentication for both Linux clients
(through LDAP) and windows clients (through Samba PDC).
4) Be a very happy camper :)

Some limitations exist.  Like, for example, using pam_smbpass instead of
pam_winbind (which does NOT work against any stable version of the Samba
PDC).  Also, creation of new machine accounts is done through useradd
(which creates users in the local /etc/passwd file instead of in LDAP,
where they SHOULD be created).



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