[Samba] wbinfo mystery?? - partial user listing

Allan Peda pedaa at rockefeller.edu
Wed Jun 26 11:48:08 GMT 2002


I'd REALLY appreciate a hint here....

it says in the docs that wbingo -g ".. does not assign user ids to any
users that have not already been seen by winbindd" - could anyone
explain this in more detail?  I think this relates to my problem:

Running Samba 2.2.5 on Redhat 7.2, wbinfo -t returns "Secret is good"
and I have an authenticated userid/password saved using 
wbinfo -A 'user%pass'.

Question:  I only get six of the 41 users on the Windows system
using wbinfo -u, yet I can look up the NT Sids for all the users 
who are currently in /etc/passwd via:
[allan at array22 workarea]$ cat wbtest.sh 


for f in $(sed -e 's/:..*//' < /etc/passwd)
	wbinfo -n $f | grep -v "^Could not"

Output looks like this:
S-1-5-71-2761300247-2327880029-1743359289-1170 1
S-1-5-71-2761300247-2327880029-1743359289-1167 1
S-1-5-71-2761300247-2327880029-1743359289-1173 1

Is this correct / expected behavior? Why don't all the users show up
via "wbinfo -g" ?


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