[Samba] Re: FW: samba woes

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed Jun 26 11:16:31 GMT 2002

"Stieglitz, Eric J. (DCSA)" wrote:
> Jim, Jeremy, et. al.:
> Is this problem documented in any of the Linux-specific Samba docs?
> If not, perhaps it should be added as a "known bug" which prevents
> smbsh from functioning on Linux?
> Also, what can we do to either smbsh or glibc that would work towards
> a fix on this issue? Is this something that we could hack with or is
> it better left to very experienced systems programmers? If you don't
> mind us hacking at it in our free time, might you have any pointers
> towards a "useful" hack?

*IF* I understand what Jeremy said (which is not generally the
case...he's from Yorkshire, after all, and I'm still learning to speak
Minnesotan) it sounds as though there was an architectural change in

I am wondering if, for Linux, something like Steve's CIFS VFS might not
be a better way to provide the same functionality.

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