[Samba] Samba to broadcast between subnets on a routed network

Ilona ilona at nbase.co.il
Wed Jun 26 09:39:04 GMT 2002

Hi, I'm new to Samba and have a pretty general question.

I'm running a linux router based on Redhat2.x with multiple subnets.
What I'm wondering is whether there is any way, using samba or not, to have 
broadcasts (udp ports 137/138) forwarded
and passed on to other subnets on the router.
That is on each interface, smb or something else would be listening for 
NetBIOS name broadcasts and NetBIOS datagram broadcasts and would then, 
instead of forwarding them to a wins server, broadcast them the the 
neighbouring subnets.
This would enable to have a network running netbios, without the need for a 
wins server.
If anybody knows the "ip helper" command in CISCO, I am looking to see if I 
can use the Samba package to do something like this.
I was thinking along the line of configuring a broadcast address instead of 
a server address for example


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