[Samba] Win2K Profiles and a Samba PDC.

Don Werve donw at examen.com
Wed Jun 26 08:17:04 GMT 2002

We're a Solaris/Linux shop, trying to migrate the last vestiges of our 
NT domain over to Samba.  We've got a few users using Windows 20000 
workstations, and for some odd reason can't get them to join the domain 
with local profiles.  The Winboxen always try to create roaming profiles 
on the PDC (which we don't want), and there's no way to force a local 
profile, other than letting the Windows box create a profile directory 
when the user logs in, then setting their profile to 'local'.

So, in short, we want to force the Win2K clients to use local profiles only.

Any ideas?

Don Werve <donw at examen.com> (Unix System Administrator)

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