[Samba] ntconfig.pol (was w2k sp2 + ntconfig.pol)

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at dff.st
Wed Jun 26 02:21:02 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 26 June 2002 10:00, Torsten Curdt wrote:
> ...
> > Windows needs the file to be executable. Also if you have any users who
> > are not in that group doing 755 will make it readable and executable for
> > all users.
> Thanks so much!! A simple chmod a+rx solved it :-))

...once :-(

At least I know now it's not a sp2 problem :-/

Now the policies get applied for *one single* user but not for the rest and I 
have no clue why!! ...this is driving me mad!!

Shouldn't it be this way:
When a user logs on the workstation connects to the netlogon share and request 
the ntconfig.pol and applies it (on each logon? or only if it was modified?) 
what happens if the workstation does not find that file (for whatever 
reason)? it would be cool to have a way to prevent logon then...

Anyway... can anyone please help?!

Why is one user applying this policy
-rwxr-xr-x    1 mmelas   dff         16384 Jun 26 10:36 ntconfig.pol
while others don't. It's on the same machine!!

I am desperate...

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