[Samba] RE: [PATCH] smbfs readdir fix (CFT: NetApp, OS/2)

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Wed Jun 26 01:34:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 David.Lee at bisus.com wrote:

> Vlad.
> I still got the same problem - 'ls | wc -l' returned incorretc numbers.
> I installed the following patches with the sequence vs. the kerner 2.4.18:
> 		1. 00-smbfs-2.4.18-codepage.patch.gz
> 		2. 01-smbfs-2.4.18-lfs.patch.gz
> 		3. 02-smbfs-2.4.18-unicode.patch.gz
>             4. smbfs-2.4.19-pre9-readdir.patch
> After installed patches, I ran 'make modules' and so on.
> Any more suggestions?

Try using only:

It wasn't meant to be used with the others. If you didn't modify samba or 
set the 'unicode' flag it probably doesn't matter, but I'm not sure.

The other thing you can do is to verify that you are using the module you 
have created by applying the patches. After patching edit init_smb_fs()
in fs/smbfs/inode.c and add a line like this:

	printk("smbfs w/ readdir patch\n");

After loading the module (or mounting smbfs) dmesg output should include
that text.

If it still fails, a network trace would be a nice starting point:
tcpdump -w /tmp/something -s 1600 port 139


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