[Samba] Help look at this log file please

Elijah Savage III esavage at digitalrage.org
Tue Jun 25 20:08:08 GMT 2002

All this is in my log file. It is telling me that a master browser is
out there at this ip address. Here is the puzzling part that ip address
is no longer on the network it was a nt box that crashed. So I made the
FreeBSD box act as a domain controller but for some reason this guy
thinks this box is still out there, and this is after many stops and
starts of samba. Is there something cached from when both this box and
the nt box resided on the same network any one ever seen this?




[2002/06/25 23:00:14, 0]


  There is already a domain master browser at IP for workgroup
DIGITALRAGE registered on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET.

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