[Samba] RE: [PATCH] smbfs readdir fix (CFT: NetApp, OS/2)

Vlad Skarzhevskyy vlads at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 25 17:38:02 GMT 2002

>After installed patches, I ran 'make modules' and so on.
>Any more suggestions?

 You may need to change and restart kennel if your smbfs is not module!!!
 Check directory /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/fs/smbfs
 It should have smbfs.o if smbfs is compiled as module!
 I have no other suggestions!
 This is my kernel config:

 I only changed kernel after 1,2,3 has been compiled.
 after 1,2,3 I recompiled kernel as well because there was changes in common
headers and did not spend time investigating what it would change!

 This is what exactly I have done!
 Got 2.4.18 src from kernel.org
 patch 1, 2, 3
 make clean; make bzImage; make modules; make modules_install
 ... Usual kernel reinstall stuff
 #  cp System.map .. ; cp bzImage ..; vi lilo.conf; lilo -v; reboot....
 patch -p0 < smbfs-2.4.19-pre9-readdir.patch
 make modules; make modules_install
 modprobe -r smbfs; modprobe smbfs
 mount -t smbfs .....;
 Did not restarted PC since then.....


 Other information that may be relevant
 gcc --version = 2.96
 smbmount --version = 2.2.4

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