[Samba] file permissions problem

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Tue Jun 25 08:40:06 GMT 2002

Try : inherit permissions = no
in smb.conf file. Sounds like you're inheriting permissions from the owner.
Read the help on the topic to verify.

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Subject: [Samba] file permissions problem

> I have a Redhat 7.3 system running Samba server for Windows98 networked
> users. These users are registered users on the Linux box, using encrypted
> passwords mirrored in Samba's password list. These users need to have file
> ownership for existing and new files edited on their Windows PC's. To
> this, I've made the following mods:
> in etc/profile: umask 002
> in each user's data directory: chmod -r 7775
> in "etc/samba/smb.conf" global settings section:
> create mask = 7775
> inherit permissions=yes
> force create mode 0664
> This allows proper file ownership, and I then set all files in each user's
> directory to be "read only" to all users but its owner. It also allows me
> assign other group permissions as is necessary without disrupting the
> ownerships. Sometimes though, a user will copy a data file from their own
> directory into another user's directory, with the intention of having the
> file be "writable" by the 2nd user. However, the file continues to hold
> original ownership, and is "read only" to the 2nd user, even though it now
> resides in the 2nd user's data directory.
> I need to find the correct "chmod" command, or other method, to allow
> special files to become writable. It needs to be via a one-time command or
> script entered at the server, as these Windows users do not have access to
> Linux shell, only to their Samba network shares.
> Any suggestions?
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> Thanks,
> Mark S.
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