[Samba] linux+samba as DC in a win2k network

LAUTIER Sabrina slautier at lavache.com
Tue Jun 25 08:19:13 GMT 2002


For a bunch of good reasons ;), my company thinks of getting rid of
our win2k DC and replacing it with a linux RH 7.3 box with samba 2.2.4
or 2.2.5.
Before starting working on that, I would like to gather some basic

We've got solaris 2.8, linux and win2k clients machines.

I understand that I need to setup an LDAP server which will replace
the win2k Active Directory (am'I right ?).
I was thinking of OpenLDap: any better suggestion ?

What about authentication ? As win2k DC servers use kerberos, do I
also need to setup a Kerberos server on the samba DC or will ssl be
fine ?
If Kerberos is mandatory, do I need strong skill on it ?

User authentication:
I would like that all users (both unix and windows) authenticate from
only one place, ie - the LDAP server. I don't want to maintain a NIS
DB or passwd/shadow files for unix boxes with password
synchronisation. Is this possible yet ?
Can win2k users easily be authenticated from the samba server with

I was thinking of XFS for ACLs support. Will I be able to see and set
DC files/directories  attributes from a win2k client machine as with a
win2k DC ?

Assuming that I've got a quite understanding of samba (my linux box is
part of the win2k domain and I authenticate from the win2k DC with
Is this implementation hard to setup ?
How long did it take you to set it up (approximatively) ?

Any advices will be greatly appreciated.



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