[Samba] One more point of confusion using smbusers if someone could help clearify.

Victoria Welch vikki at oz.net
Mon Jun 24 16:25:03 GMT 2002

Hi All,

Since Y'all helped solve the last problem, I have one more that would be
really a great thing if it could work.

I have several accounts on the linux box that I work with and help out
on and would love to be able to get them to be available with w98.

Besides my regular account, I work on the following (as setup in

root = vikki ...
vx1 = vikki
vx7 = vikki
nslmc = vikki
vusnm = vikki
jeanne = mswillow

but it seems I only get the first one, perhaps I misunderstand the
application here.  I've tried all sorts of ways to do this, but never
have gotten it to work "right".

Sure would be handy if that worked, would save a LOT of hassle.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks & take care, Vikki.
Victoria Welch, WV9K/7, SysAdmin, Embedded Systems Designer.
"Walking on water and developing software to specification
are easy as long as both are frozen" - Edward V. Berard.
Do not unto others, that which you would not have others do unto you.
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