[Samba] Freebsd and WinXP

Dmitry Voronov dvoronov at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jun 24 13:19:03 GMT 2002

I can actually do it pretty stably. I regularely get the "no mapping of
security IDs was done" message when I try to join a 2k Sp2 machine. I rename
it to a dummy computer name I have added, reboot, join as that (always
successful), reboot, rename back to what it should be, reboot and it works
fine. The samba guys should really look into this because when I first came
across the problem and started searching, it's apparent that lots of people
have it and no one really knows how to fix it other than dance around it and
hope for luck.

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  Has anyone else seen this but I just came across this on google trying to
research my problem.

I've always found adding w2k workstations to a samba server a bit 'hit and
A couple of things I did which helped around this problem when I had it:

1. Define root as a samba administrator
2. Created a user root (with same password) on the w2k machine - set as an
3. Logged into the w2k machine with the root account.
4. Try joining domain with root account (cross fingers, toes and arms for

You never know.. worth a try!

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