[Samba] NT domain logon

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Mon Jun 24 08:24:48 GMT 2002

Hello all.
I've already joined the domain, even rejoined, but the problem prevails.
Please help. Does the WinNT machine need Server service to be installed?
Workstation service is installed, and I don't want to browse the NT machine.
Thanks, Trevor

 P.S: Operating System: Red Hat 7.3
         Samba Version:    2.2.3.a
>To Andrew and the samba list.
> I'm a bit stuck with loging onto my "admin" domain from my windows NT
> machine (sp 6), but from my '98 machine, all is well.  I understand there
> is no comparison though. I have read and closely followed all the docs and
> faqs, even book extracts and all the log files, turning log level to 100.
>I do find a line reading:
>credentials check wrong
>What I have managed to pick up, maybe a red herring, is that the
>/var/cache/samba/browse.dat doesn't have an entry for the NT machine, but
>the wins.dat does, but only with the #00 and #03.
>Anyway, relevent or not, the logon message in the event viewer on the
>WinNT is :
>Failed to authenticate with \\MERLIN, a Windows NT domain controller for
>domain admin.
>The Server service on the WinNT is also not running, would this add to the
>problem? Please send some input.
>Thanks, Trevor.
>Andrew wrote:
> >So you didn't join the domain.  Go back, join the domain and try again.
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> -------

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