[Samba] ASCII chars in filenames HELP!

adas Adam.Gapinski at artikon.one.pl
Mon Jun 24 01:41:01 GMT 2002

Hi all!
I've problem with file/directory name on samba share.
It is a file or directory with ascii char ALT0254
1. In DOS partition it's a short name (confirms 8.3 rule)
On samba share - it's translated to long name (with ~ delimiter) why?
2. When I set mangled names = No then this char is represented
by the Ctrl-Z character (EOF)

In case 1) and 2) ^Z in name are this same from the server console
    client code page = 852
    character set = ISO8859-2
And the question is - How set samba to get a name like in DOS partition
with ALT0254 in file/dir name?

And there is a "experimental" setup ;-)
On DOS partition (from nc i.e.) I make dir A{ALT0254)B
and it's looks like AxB (where x=ALT054 char)
When I copy it to samba share it's changed:
(see up for explanation of samba configuration in case 1. and 2.)
1. AB~8-
2. AyB (where y=CtrlZ (^Z) char)

Does anyone some suggestions?

Adam Gapiński   *****   Linux registered user #251489
adas (maupa) artikon (kropa) one (kropa) pl

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