[Samba] 'Access denied' when moving files

Aton aton at skyenet.net
Sun Jun 23 20:53:02 GMT 2002

Hello. I've got a Windows 2000 Pro Sp2 client using Samba 2.2.4-2 on Red
Hat Linux 7.3. I've ran chmod 777 * +R on the directory that samba shares;
sharing is set as 'share' security. Lots of times, when I move video files
from my local hard drive on the Windows 2000 machine to the samba share
(mapped to a drive letter, not a UNC), I get an "Access denied, the source
file may be in use" error from windows. This only happens when I move
files. If I copy the file, and then delete it, all is well. It acts like a
lock is on the video file. I know this was an issue with MP3s before 2.2.4
came out (which is not resolved), and it had to do with the Explorer
Preview Pane. 

Any ideas?


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