[Samba] max smbd processes on a per user or machine basis?

Broun, Bevan brounb at adi-limited.com
Sun Jun 23 18:38:01 GMT 2002

Ive got a problem here which Im still debugging. My samba server (2.2.4 on
solaris 8, with acl support) ran out of swap space when somehow on user had
over 500 smbd processes (something to do with an rsh from a unix to an NT
which then connects to the samba server). I understand that each user
should have one process per service that they are connected to, is this
correct? I need to put in a config option that will stop the problem
reoccuring until we work out what has happened.

max smbd processes would almost do what I need, but I think I need to
restrict on a per user or machine basis as I want other users and machines
to be able to continue. 

Any Ideas


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