[Samba] Samba & OS/2 Extended Attributes (EAs)

webster at lexmark.com webster at lexmark.com
Sun Jun 23 14:02:02 GMT 2002


Does/Will Samba & any *nix file system support the OS/2 operating system EAs ?
I have not tried all of the  filesystem/patches/utilities  matrix, but I've
tried much of it.

When attempting to move a file with EAs from OS/2 (ie. HPFS) to Samba with an
OS/2 client, the copy succeeds, but the EAs are discarded.  This is not good,
but not terrible.

However, when trying to move the file with a Windows client (necessary), the
copy fails with 'Access is denied', & I'm left with a zero-byte file on the
target (Samba) .  I can copy files all day with the Windows client, so long as
they don't have extended attributes.

I think that Mr. Janosik is talking about the same problem here:


Gary R. Webster

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