[Samba] xp problem revisited

Raymond Norton admin at support.lctn.k12.mn.us
Sun Jun 23 11:36:02 GMT 2002

Last week I posted about a problem with XP seeing samba shares. I was told
to upgrade to a newer version. I have installed ver 2.2.1a-4 of samba,
client, and swat. We are using XP home version to access the samba server.

This is the scenerio:

The XP machine can see the Samba server by Netbios name and IP.
If you double click on the Samba server it seems to open it, but no shares

My NT server can see the Samba shares, and the XP shares.

I can drag files from the XP share to the Samba share on my NT desktop.

Someone posted a reg fix, but said it was for XP pro.

Any ideas?

Raymond Norton
Little Crow Telemedia Network

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