[Samba] Print Job Notification

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Sun Jun 23 09:15:02 GMT 2002

LPRng has Job Completion Notification
via e-mail, if that will do what you need.

6.5. Job Completion Notification Requested


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> From: Chad Edwards [mailto:CEdwards at SkyWeb.ca]
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> Subject: [Samba] Print Job Notification
> Can anyone suggest a way to have a notification after a print job has
> completed. I currently have this as my print command:
> lpr -r -P%p %s; csh -c 'echo \"%J has started printing on %S\" |
> /usr/bin/smbclient -U %L -M %m -I %I' &
> It kind of does what I want, but notice that the message says 
> that "Job has
> STARTED printing on Printer". This is because with this 
> command the message
> is sent after the lpr command is executed and not when the 
> job is actually
> done. I would really prefer the message be sent when the job 
> is done, not
> when it is starting.
> I saw an old message in the archives suggesting a wrapper for 
> the print
> command that would keep checking the print queue to see when 
> the job was
> done and then send the message. This sounds like it would 
> work, but I don't
> have a clue how to write the wrapper to check the queue.
> Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
> Chad Edwards
> Samba Newbie
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